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When going up against the IRS or state tax authorities, you need representation to minimize your legal and financial risks.  Trish Harris EA, MBA advocates for individual and small business taxpayers before the IRS and state tax authorities. As an independent Enrolled Agent, Trish personally manages your case, reviews your notices and documents to evaluate your tax problem, and determines the best course of action to secure the most favorable resolution available.  

Even the most seriously delinquent taxpayer- who has avoided, ignored, or simply been unable to directly resolve their tax debts with the IRS or state- will experience immediate relief from collections enforcement.  Trish takes quick action to take over all IRS communication, stop levies, release liens, and aggressively pursue a resolution settlement. 

Trish Harris EA, MBA provides the legal representation you need to protect your interests against the IRS or state, and avoid escalating tax problems, additional penalties and interest, and unwanted legal hassles.  

Your tax problems won't simply go away, but with the right representation they can be resolved!

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What Clients Say

"Highly recommended. Had an IRS tax problem with on-line estate sales. (Trish) walked me through the process of getting it straightened out and bill down to zero!"
-Roland C, California

"I was in a tax mess that stemmed from my divorce in 2007. Trish took my case and never judged or belittled me. Trish did so much more than fix my tax problems, she gave me back my piece of mind." -Jennifer L.

"Hiring Trish was the best decision that I could have made. Trish saved me from that aggressive IRS auditor. I would have owed the IRS at least $20,000, Trish was able to ultimately get my tax bill down to $5,000." -Keizia K.

"I have used Trish Harris on a few occasions over the past several years including an IRS audit and a FTB tax issue for my LLC. She was awesome. Don't stress yourself out, call her today." -Donovan R

"We had a number of tax challenges that became completely overwhelming. Trish served as our liaison with the IRS and sorted everything out. Thank you Trish for all your help." -Karen R

"I had a complicated tax issue, so shopped around for a smart, knowledgeable and personable professional. Trish was all of the above. She has my business." Sharon L